Literature and Media in the Nineteenth-Century US

Program arranged by the Division on 19thC American Literature

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Session 414: Friday 10 Jan. 5:15-6:30 pm.; Chicago A-B (Marriott)

A roundtable of scholars will discuss how media history and media theory have transformed the study of nineteenth-century American literature.  Participants won’t deliver papers in the usual way;  rather, they have posted brief position papers here so that the speakers and the audience can use our allotted panel time to best advantage.

Jonathan Elmer (Indiana University), “Poe’s Ear”

Teresa Goddu (Vanderbilt University), “Antislavery Media”

Naomi Greyser (University of Iowa), “A Paper Trail of Tears:  Sympathetic Grounds, the History of Emotion, and Affect Studies as Media Studies”

Brian Hochman (Georgetown University), “The Invention of Tribal Man; or, Life Before Media”

Christopher Lukasik (Purdue University), “The Image in the Text”

Lauren Neefe (Stony Brook University), “Learning from Romantic Media Studies:  Communication, Mobility, Genre, Vocality, Scale”

Meredith L. McGill (Rutgers University), Chair


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